"Leo! You're the best trainer EVER and an even better life coach.

I love ya big time - all time!"
Ronda Rousey • UFC Batamweight Champion


"Leo's coaching technique helped me clarify my goals and achieve my greatest accomplishments."

Diana Prazak • WBC Super-Featherweight World Boxing Champion


"I trained with Leo and can proudly say
his coaching philosophy helped me reach my highest potential."

Romulo Barral • 4x Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt World Champion





Leo Frincu
Top Performance Strategist for Business Leaders and Elite Athletes Worldwide


Transform your MIND, BODY, LIFE.






To Schedule a One-on-One Coaching Session with Leo

Leo Frincu is a world champion wrestler, author, speaker and High Performance Mentality coach.  He coached the six time World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion Romulo Barral and World Boxing Champion and pound-per-pound best female boxer in the world, Diane Prazak

Leo also coached Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) superstar Ronda Rousey to win her first Strikeforce and UFC world titles.

Leo came to the United States from Romania with just $10 in his pocket, barely able to speak English and with not a friend or relative in the entire country. Since his arrival, he built one of the leading fitness training companies in the entire world.

Today, Lep Frincu is renowned as a top performance strategist for business leaders and elite athletes worldwide.

Although most of Leo’s clients are athletes, coaches and business executives, Leo’s coaching skills can help anyone reach his or her highest potential.

Leo uses Skype and FaceTime for most consultations, which not only enables him to keep prices down (no travel!), but also enables you to have sessions at meaningful times – such as before/after training, or just moments before a crucial competition or deadline.

For more information about how Leo can help you get that “mental edge,” please email him at Leo@ResultsStudio.com, or call 818.385.1121 to schedule your first coaching session.


Performance coaching (the profession) and coaching (the subject) are still widely misunderstood:

  • A qualified performance coach can work with anyone wanting to improve his or her performance. Leo’s coaching methods are unique and custom-designed based on each individual’s needs.  He succeeds not only with athletes, but also with executives, performing artists, dancers, musicians — anyone needing to perform at their absolute peak.
  • A qualified performance coach can help with welfare issues (aka mental roadblocks).  However, Leo’s main focus is always the mental aspects of the performance itself:  handling emotions, pre-competition preparation, decision making, motivation, confidence, nerves, concentration, performing under pressure and team cohesion to name a few.
  • A qualified performance coach can provide effective sessions in a wide range of ways — a much wider range than a physical or technical coach.  Leo doesn’t need to see his clients exercise in order to help them improve their minds and bodies.  Therefore, he can conduct sessions via Skype, FaceTimeGoogle Hangouts and even the phone.
  • A mental coach is one of the most misunderstood areas within both sports and psychology. Leo is more like a coach than a regular therapist. Most people have no idea what Leo does, but they are pleasantly and powerfully surprised when they actually invest the time to find out.

As a performance coach and owner of one of the most cutting-edge gyms in Southern California, Leo’s coaching strategy outpaces all others, because he knows that physical success starts with mental success.

His “High Performance Mentality” is a unique training philosophy customized for your particular goals and desires. Leo will help you create a field of self-awareness around yourself that carries into every aspect of your life. You will learn how to live your best life, in the high performance body you want to live it in, every single day.

As Leo says, “I don’t make promises, I deliver.”

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