Will-Power What separates us from one another is the ability to sustain a particular habit and willpower is what separates human beings from animals. It is not what you do that’s going to build or break you; it is for how long you do it. Our behavior patterns are solely responsible for our failures and successes. Usually, for something to affect us in a negative or positive way we need to do it for a long period of time. Since humans are proud to call themselves intelligent, how come human beings are consistently enjoying things that will eventually hurt him/her? Since we like to think of ourselves as a higher species, how come we are consciously choosing to hurt ourselves everyday? We keep dogs on leashes and animals in cages while proudly believing that we are smarter than them.  However, none of these animals ever choose to commit suicide but us humans are slowly doing it everyday. With that being said, the question remains, is being smarter and more intelligent actually helping us or hurting us? You probably have heard that addiction to bad habits is related with a lack of willpower. I can prove to you that there is no such thing as “lack” of willpower. Everyone has willpower but very few people choose to use it. Our willpower is our weapon in our crusade to better ourselves. However, since willpower comes with being a higher species, since we own willpower, how come we deliberately and consciously choose to dismiss such a valuable asset in our fight against bad choices? The job of our willpower is to provide us with the tools to fight against a particular negative habit; not to support it. Therefore, since willpower comes with being an intelligent species, we can’t blame our lack of it for failing to correct a negative behavior pattern. One must ask himself, is our choice of dismissing our natural born asset equivalent with being less intelligent? Since everyone is born with willpower, our ability to access it is what separates individuals from one another. Willpower is doing the right thing for yourself. Willpower is rational. Willpower is the ultimate strength. If this is so, then why do people still choose to continue to make conscious decisions to sabotage themselves? Why does one continue to eat poorly while complaining about how badly he/she wants to get in shape? Why does one continue to spend money one doesn’t have while complaining about wanting to get out of debt? Why does one continue to stay in a poisonous relationship while complaining about how bad her/his partner is treating them? Why does one continue to keep a job that doesn’t make him happy while complaining about wanting something better for himself? Why do people continue to keep a behavior that goes against their goals while not doing anything (or not enough) to correct it? Why do people still continue to blame the “lack of willpower” for their failures? It is because they deliberately choose to dismiss their natural born assets. It is because they refuse to take responsibility. Because by admitting it would mean admitting they are less, weak, and helpless; and no one would actually admit to that.  Since you are continuing to support a bad habit, you are consciously choosing to stay in your current situation. You are not allowed to say, “I can’t do this” or “I can’t do that”… Since everyone is equipped with willpower, they’re also able to do whatever they want. If individuals fail to achieve their goals it is because they didn’t want to succeed in the first place; they subconsciously wanted to fail. People fail because they willingly choose to ignore and forfeit their right to use their strengths. As long as you want to be defined as an intelligent species, you are not allowed to use the “lack of willpower” as an excuse for failing to sustain a healthy habit. Being “intelligent” is being able to access your natural born assets. Being intelligent is having and using your willpower, when you need it. Now I have to ask you, why aren’t you achieving your goals?