Pic: Sylvester Stallone in Rocky Balboa

Why do we fail? and, How can we reach our best potential?

These are important questions you need to answer in order to achieve your success.

A lot of people have a totally wrong idea about what success is. Most of them think success is fixing what's broken or acquiring what's missing.  Unfortunately that doesn’t always work. How many times have you encounter or been in one of the following situations?

1) Someone is struggling with money and is saying: "If I was rich, I would be happier"

2) An athlete failing to win the gold medal saying, "If I would’ve won a gold medal I would be much happier".

3) A single and lonely person thinking that by meeting someone nice, they would be happier and the feeling of loneliness would disappear.

4) Someone overweight might also probably think: "If I lose 20 pounds that would make me very happy".

Hopefully, you're noticing people think they are going to be happy just by fixing one of these issues. You need to understand this, for every effect there is a root cause. You need to find and address the root cause rather than try to fix the effect. Since the consequences (loosing the gold, being single, lack of money) of your decisions are going to stand out the most, they’ll be the one you will spend more time fixing. In the long run you’ll end up blaming them for your unhappiness/failures.

In order to reach your best potential, everything needs to be in sync. You cannot focus or care only for areas of your interest and neglect the rest. Remember, just because everything else doesn't matter or isn't important to you, it doesn't mean they can't affect all other things that do matter. Believe it or not, the situations you’re not happy about and the things you’re tolerating will subconsciously affect your performance and eventually compromise your results.

For example.

* Are you are an athlete and want to win a gold medal but you don't like the job you have? Subconsciously that will weigh you down (hold you back). You need to be able to give 100% to your goal, however, because you think they are not related, you won’t even notice that.

* Do you want to build a successful business but you're not happy with the way you look? That will subconsciously start chipping away your confidence. For example, if you think putting on an expensive suit will fix the issue, you are wrong. With your confidence or self-esteem being damaged, your performance will be compromised without even knowing it.

* If you have poor communication skills and you're not happy with your partner, subconsciously that will affect your relationship. That will first affect you and then everyone around. By blaming your partner for your relationship shortcoming won’t fix the issues.

These are just a few examples of situations you might go through without acknowledging it.  However, these will rent space in your head and weigh you down without you even noticing it.

You might think they're not related therefore you shouldn't worry about these “other” things. If you also believe they can’t affect your performance, after solving the root problem, you might be surprised to find out that you’ve been performing at 50% of your ability. You cannot reach full speed if one of your tires has low air pressure. Everything needs to be balanced and aligned in your life in order to reach your best potential. Everything is related; you might just not know or think it matters.

Let’s take a quick look at Tiger Wood’s career. As soon as his relationship with his wife deteriorated, he's golf game went down and his career was compromised. There are plenty of examples out there. The only time you will deny this IS only when you know its true; but it will take too much time and effort to try and fix it or you don’t know how. You need to fix all these “non-urgent” issues in order to give and reach your full potential. When you’ll get to that point you’ll know what success is and how you can achieve it.

Now, I have 2 questions for you:

Is there anything you’re not happy with or tolerating right now?


What are you going to do about it?